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Indian air pollution a “national crisis”

12 May 2016

Soumya Sarkar: Air pollution in cities is rising at an alarming rate, new data from the World Health Organisation has revealed, particularly in emerging economies like India, where pollutants harm human health and hastening glacier melt. Indian cities have some of the highest concentrations of [read more]

The titillating and terrifying collapse of the dollar. Again.

8 May 2016

Michael Pettis: Foreign perceptions about the Chinese economy are far more volatile than the economy itself, and are spread across a fantastic array of forecasts. On one extreme there are still many who hold the view that overwhelmingly dominated the consensus just four or five years ago, with a [read more]

Climate Dynamics: Facing the Harsh Realities of Now

23 March 2016

Climate Sensitivity, Target Temperature & the Carbon Budget: Guidelines for Strategic Action – David Wasdell (Director of the Apollo-Gaia Project) September 2015 Executive Summary The value of Climate Sensitivity is the fundamental parameter governing all strategic policymaking in [read more]

Weird weather: scientists warn of ‘worse to come’

10 February 2016

by the Third Pole February snowfall in the middle reaches of the Hindu Kush Himalayas is not uncommon. But coming at the tail of an unusually mild and dry winter, it has hit apple farmers whose trees were flowering early, while maize growers are hoping they will be able to save some of the crop hit [read more]

The Sixth Extinction – Elizabeth Kolbert

10 January 2016

The Sixth Extinction – Elizabeth Kolbert, Pub. Bloomsbury, London 2014 A Review Elizabeth Kolbert has in the 13 chapters of this book set out the irrefutable evidence for the role of humans in initiating a major extinction event. She shows that the impact of humans on other species is not [read more]

Melting permafrost could blow world’s remaining carbon budget

10 December 2015

As the world struggles to thrash out a climate deal, a new report shows melting permafrost could release a fresh wave of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. As the world struggles to ink a new climate deal to save the planet from the irreversible perils of global warming, countries are rushing [read more]

Tibetan Plateau turning to desert, says Chinese Academy of Science

7 December 2015

Large areas of the Tibetan plateau – the source of Asia’s major rivers – are suffering from desertification and the situation will only get worse according to China’s top scientific body. A woman brings tea to local men who shovel mud to make building bricks. Greenpeace are in Tibet to [read more]

China’s rebalancing timetable – Michael Pettis

29 November 2015

By Michael Pettis · November 29, 2015 We often read in the press rather alarming stories about the rise of an ugly and belligerent nationalism in China, but while these stories are certainly very real, after the November 13 bombings in Paris I was struck by a very different kind of Chinese [read more]

Water Pollution

19 November 2015

High levels of water pollution, in China and other places, further reduces the availability of supplies.  Like air pollution, water pollution is also a common source of ill health, and can kill, the WHO attributes 2 million deaths a year to unsafe water, poor sanitation and hygiene.[1] In [read more]
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