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US to ratify Paris climate pact this year, no timeline from India

8 June 2016

Joydeep Gupta India wants to fulfil its “dream of climate justice”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in the White House on June 7 after a two-hour meeting with President Barack Obama, who reaffirmed that the United States would ratify the Paris Agreement on climate change this year. India [read more]

Climate Dynamics: Facing the Harsh Realities of Now

23 March 2016

Climate Sensitivity, Target Temperature & the Carbon Budget: Guidelines for Strategic Action – David Wasdell (Director of the Apollo-Gaia Project) September 2015 Executive Summary The value of Climate Sensitivity is the fundamental parameter governing all strategic policymaking in [read more]

China plans more dams and mega infrastructure in Tibet

21 March 2016

China’s new Five Year Plan calls for a fresh wave of hydropower and major infrastructure projects on a Tibetan plateau already hit by desertification and climate change – Beth Walker (The Third Pole) China’s just-released 13th Five Year Plan — which sets out the country’s economic and [read more]

El Niño: A looming disaster

2 March 2016

The impact of a “Godzilla El Niño” is already being felt across the world, but is the Pakistani government ready? Fahad Saeed – The Third Pole This year the world is in for a double whammy – climate change along with an El Nino effect so large, that the climatologist Bill Patzert, with [read more]

Weird weather: scientists warn of ‘worse to come’

10 February 2016

by the Third Pole February snowfall in the middle reaches of the Hindu Kush Himalayas is not uncommon. But coming at the tail of an unusually mild and dry winter, it has hit apple farmers whose trees were flowering early, while maize growers are hoping they will be able to save some of the crop hit [read more]

Christina Figueres, Abu Dhabi January 18th 2016, WFES

23 January 2016

The following is a partial transcription of Christina Figueres’ speech made at the World Future Energy Summit, Abu Dhabi, January 18th 2016. What is particularly interesting is her rejection of the role of the market and the need to ensure that the market moves in the right direction [read more]

Climate Action After Paris – Jim Yong Kim

16 December 2015

WASHINGTON, DC – At the United Nations climate conference in Paris, courageous and visionary leaders recognized that people rarely change the world when they work within the constraints of what they think is possible. The world hoped for an agreement, but most of us did not dare to dream of a [read more]

Melting permafrost could blow world’s remaining carbon budget

10 December 2015

As the world struggles to thrash out a climate deal, a new report shows melting permafrost could release a fresh wave of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. As the world struggles to ink a new climate deal to save the planet from the irreversible perils of global warming, countries are rushing [read more]
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