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Christina Figueres, Abu Dhabi January 18th 2016, WFES

23 January 2016

The following is a partial transcription of Christina Figueres’ speech made at the World Future Energy Summit, Abu Dhabi, January 18th 2016. What is particularly interesting is her rejection of the role of the market and the need to ensure that the market moves in the right direction [read more]

Climate Action After Paris – Jim Yong Kim

16 December 2015

WASHINGTON, DC – At the United Nations climate conference in Paris, courageous and visionary leaders recognized that people rarely change the world when they work within the constraints of what they think is possible. The world hoped for an agreement, but most of us did not dare to dream of a [read more]

2nd World Future Energy Summit – Greenpeace Speech

28 January 2009

 In his speech to the 2nd World Future Energy Conference in Abu Dhabi Pascal Husting of Greenpeace said that Greenpeace has  been relentless in campaigning against oil companies who defied the growing scientific evidence on climate change. But he also said that, “I want to make it clear to [read more]