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Climate change jeopardises survival of snow leopards

13 September 2017

Receding snowline in Asia’s high mountains, due to global warming and infrastructure developments, poses a major threat to snow leopard as humans encroach on their habitat by Juhi Chaudhary “I love the snow leopard,” says bright-eyed Ganaium, who lives in Tamchy village close to Issyk-kul [read more]

Experts explore reasons for glacier collapses in Tibet

22 August 2017

by Joydeep Gupta Last year, two glaciers collapsed in quick succession. Experts studying the events on the ground and with satellite imagery say they may have been caused by climate change Images of Dongru glacier in central Tibet before and after the collapse on July 17 2016. (Image courtesy: Tian [read more]

China’s Belt and Road Initiative still pushing coal

16 May 2017

Feng Hao Officials and leaders from over 110 countries gather[ed] in Beijing on May 14-15 [2017] for the first ever Belt and Road Forum. China’s ambitious attempt to boost economic growth across a vast area stretching from its southeast coast all the way to Africa is known as the Belt and Road [read more]

Mined-out cities: the true cost of coal

10 December 2016

by Stam Lee – Who travelled across China photographing mining areas, his images of scarred landscapes reveal the environmental debt left by China’s coal boom Many Chinese cities were founded on coal but are now being ruined by it. Forty years of rapid economic growth in China has driven a [read more]