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Nuclear power

China falls out of love with nuclear

26 March 2018

Slowing demand for electricity and competition from renewables have halted new reactor approvals, writes Feng Hao As countries around the world abandoned nuclear power, China had bucked the trend, embracing nuclear power as a reliable and cheap energy source that would help reduce air pollution [read more]

German Energy Policy Following the 2017 Election

26 September 2017

As the dust settles on the results of the German election, it is becoming obvious that the fall in votes for the two largest parties, including Angela Merkel’s CDU, will mean significant changes in German policies in a number of areas. There has also been speculation that the CDU will form a [read more]

Possible threat to US Nuclear Plants from Boone Dam Failure

21 March 2015

There have been recent reports of problems at the Boone Dam in Tennessee, which is upstream of seven nuclear reactors. Although the indications are that the problems will be solved, the seepage at the dam means that the potential failure of such dams, and associated threats to nuclear facilities, [read more]