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Interpreting information in China’s stock markets

28 July 2015

Michael Pettis, published 17 July 2015 Anyone who reads my blog is already likely to know the story. Until the market peaked on June 12, with the Shanghai Composite at 5,178, China had experienced a stock market boom that saw the Shanghai index rising in what seemed like a straight line by more [read more]

Internal and external balance

28 July 2015

Michael Pettis, 9 June 2015 I was recently asked by an Australian economics journal to write a review of a book I had already read,The Leaderless Economy, by Peter Temin and David Vines (published in 2013). Because the book is a great place from which to start a discussion on the links within [read more]

How might a China slowdown affect the world? (Michael Pettis)

2 December 2014

By Michael Pettis · December 2, 2014 Two years ago it was hard to find analysts who expected [China’s] average GDP growth over the rest of this decade to be less than 8%. The current consensus seems to have dropped to between 6% and 7% on average. I don’t think Beijing disagrees. After [read more]

The Great Rebalancing – Michael Pettis

22 November 2014

Michael Pettis has gained a reputation for his forthright articles on the Chinese economy and financial markets, which he publishes in his blog (some of which are reproduced on The World in Crisis, with his kind permission) and in international media like The Wall Street [read more]
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