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The Planetary Eco-System

23 October 2015

In order for the eco-system to function and support life, including humans, it needs to have access to a range of resources, including clean air, clean water, functioning food chains, energy and an equitable climate. Living, as so much of humanity does, in urban surroundings, cocooned in an [read more]

Thieves of State – Sarah Chayes (review)

6 April 2015

Thieves of State – Sarah Chayes, published by W W Norton & Company, New York and London, 2015 This is an important book and its publication is timely, given recent developments. Sarah Chayes uses her own experience in Afghanistan as the thread around which she weaves her narrative. What [read more]

Peak Population: What it Means for Global Resources, Part 1

30 November 2014

We are reproducing (with permission) this article from because of the excellent graphics. Presented by: Gainesville Coins Even with having existed for millions of years, the process for humans to reach 1 billion in population was long and arduous. It is only about 12,000 [read more]

The Great Rebalancing – Michael Pettis

22 November 2014

Michael Pettis has gained a reputation for his forthright articles on the Chinese economy and financial markets, which he publishes in his blog (some of which are reproduced on The World in Crisis, with his kind permission) and in international media like The Wall Street [read more]

South Korea on the edge – Jin-Young Chung & Timothy J. Sinclair

25 September 2014

S Korean ferry the Sewol Major accidents and disasters are crucial not just for those directly involved but also for the society in which they occur and in some cases for regional and global relations.  This is surely true of the Malaysia Airlines loss of flight MH17 in Ukraine: the implications [read more]

Sir Richard Dearlove’s talk at RUSI 7 July 2014

13 July 2014

Sir Richard Dearlove, is the former head of the British Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, and as such has insights into the developments of the last twenty years that few can rival. At The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) Sir Richard gave a talk entitled, Terrorism and National Security: [read more]
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