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Strategic Challenges

Future Strategic Challenges for Britain

3 April 2014

In February 2008 The Strategy Unit in the UK Cabinet Office published a report setting out the challenges that Britain faces, it is called “Realising Britain’s Potential:Future Strategic Challenges for Britain”. What is interesting about this report, and why it has relevance outside [read more]

UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) 2009 Report on Oil Production

8 October 2009

Oct 8, 2009 – 8:41:11 AM A new report, launched on the 8th October 2009 by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC), argues that conventional oil production is likely to peak before 2030, with a significant risk of a peak before 2020. The report concludes that the UK Government is not alone in [read more]

Systemic Risk Reduction via Failure – Michael S. Rozeff

11 March 2009

One year ago, Bear Stearns faced collapse when its short-term lenders stopped rolling over their loans to the investment bank. The federal government and the FED stepped in. They financed and brought about an acquisition by the JP Morgan Chase (JPM) bank. The reason for this was systemic risk. [read more]

Optimum Population Trust Critical of UK Population Policy (2008)

2 November 2008

The UK government’s national security strategy recognises many of the new environmental symptoms of global insecurity but ignores their root cause, the Optimum Population Trust said on March 19, 2008. David Nicholson-Lord, OPT research associate, said: “Talking about threats to national [read more]

“Crude Oil The Supply Outlook”

29 October 2008

“Crude Oil The Supply Outlook” is a report to the Energy Watch Group published in October 2007.  The main objective of the report was to project the future availability of crude oil up to 2030. The report concludes that the peak of world oil production was in 2006, earlier than some [read more]

Nicholas Stern – A Policy Framework for Climate Change

23 February 2008

Lord Stern, author of the review on the economics of climate change (“The Stern Report”, 2006) wrote in The Times (London) on the 22 February 2008 pointing out the need for a clear policy framework to deal with the threat posed by climate change. He wrote, “Climate change is the [read more]

The Global Canopy Programme

21 February 2008

The Global Canopy Programme describes itself as “an alliance of 29 scientific institutions in 19 countries, which lead the world in forest canopy research, education and conservation.” It also states that “The GCP is helping to plug major gaps in knowledge. The structure, [read more]

The Oil Drum

20 February 2008

The Oil Drum ( is a very useful resource for all those interested in oil reserves, Peak Oil and energy consumption. The material on the Site is solid and the contributors appear to know what they are talking about.  This is also a solidly international effort, not another [read more]

Non-Linear Systems and Climatic Tipping Points

16 February 2008

Tim Lenton has said on his Website ( that, “The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in its many excellent reports tends to portray climate change as a smooth transition, although it acknowledges the non-linear nature [read more]
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