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Does Cutting Taxes on the Wealthy Lead to Greater Growth?

26 June 2017

Michael Pettis Policies that increase income inequality can in some cases lead to higher savings, higher investment, and greater long-term growth. But, in other cases, such policies either reduce growth and increase unemployment or force up the debt burden. What determines which of these outcomes [read more]

China’s hydro expansion will fail without energy market reform

13 January 2017

Liu Qin: China’s government must tackle wastage in the energy sector before bringing more hydropower online in the southwest and Tibet. Energy demand in China is slowing. This is causing a major headache for the hydropower sector, which has invested heavily in new projects in recent years. The [read more]

Murder in Myanmar

19 December 2016

Beth Walker Journalist’s death highlights plight of Myanmar’s forests and corruption of illegal logging trade to India and China. A Burmese journalist was found dead on 13 December, while investigating illegal logging and wood smuggling near Monywa, in the Sagaing region of northwest Myanmar, [read more]

A U.S. Retreat on Global Trade Will Not Lead to a Shift in Power

16 December 2016

MICHAEL PETTIS Rejecting the Trans-Pacific Partnership should not mean the rejection altogether by Washington of the very idea of a stable, rules-based trading system. The world is better off with such a regime. The very first on the list of executive actions that his administration would implement [read more]

Mined-out cities: the true cost of coal

10 December 2016

by Stam Lee – Who travelled across China photographing mining areas, his images of scarred landscapes reveal the environmental debt left by China’s coal boom Many Chinese cities were founded on coal but are now being ruined by it. Forty years of rapid economic growth in China has driven a [read more]

China: Choosing More Debt, More Unemployment, Or Transfers

20 November 2016

Michael Pettis China’s success will depend Beijing’s ability to centralize power, to begin to sell off government assets, to rein in credit growth, and to accept much lower GDP growth rates. SUMMARY I have often written in this blog and elsewhere about the three policy choices Beijing faces as [read more]

Can renewable energy help address poverty in China?

3 November 2016

By installing solar home systems in the poorest villages, write Sam Geall and Shen Wei, China hopes to boost the incomes of 200 million households China is fast becoming a green energy superpower, leading the world in investment and installation of low-carbon technology. The most widely discussed [read more]

Southeast Asia’s last major undammed river in crisis

26 October 2016

China has suspended dams upstream of the Salween but the Myanmar government is pushing ahead with Chinese backed dams downstream, despite environmental costs and cheaper alternatives Tom Fawthrop From the snow-capped mountains of Tibet, the Salween rushes through steep gorges in Yunnan Province and [read more]
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