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The impact in China and abroad of slowing growth

30 September 2016

By Michael Petts This blog entry is largely something I wrote a year ago about the impact of a Chinese rebalancing on the global economy, and except for this first paragraph nothing has been changed. The entry on my blog that had been posted a couple of weeks earlier was an attempt to explain why [read more]

Does it matter if China cleans up its banks?

31 August 2016

By Michael Petts I’ve always thought that Shirley Yam of the South China Morning Post has a great nose for financial risk, and this shows in an article she published last week on mainland real estate. For anyone knowledgeable about the history of financial bubbles and crises, much of the [read more]

Rebalancing, wealth transfers, and the growth of Chinese debt

22 June 2016

Michael Pettis For the past ten years much of what I have written about debt in China was aimed mainly at trying to convince analysts and policymakers that the Chinese economy was structurally dependent on an unsustainable increase in debt in order to generate GDP growth rates above some level. [read more]

How Much Investment is Optimal

2 June 2016

Michael Pettis: A few years ago I wrote an essay on my blog that received a lot of attention and in which I tried to explain what the underlying assumption was for analysts who considered that China’s low level of investment relative to that of, say, the US proved that China could not possibly [read more]

The titillating and terrifying collapse of the dollar. Again.

8 May 2016

Michael Pettis: Foreign perceptions about the Chinese economy are far more volatile than the economy itself, and are spread across a fantastic array of forecasts. On one extreme there are still many who hold the view that overwhelmingly dominated the consensus just four or five years ago, with a [read more]

China plans more dams and mega infrastructure in Tibet

21 March 2016

China’s new Five Year Plan calls for a fresh wave of hydropower and major infrastructure projects on a Tibetan plateau already hit by desertification and climate change – Beth Walker (The Third Pole) China’s just-released 13th Five Year Plan — which sets out the country’s economic and [read more]

China’s west tries to harness more of its wind power

8 January 2016

by Dr. Yu Jie Gansu and Inner Mongolia, two of China’s windiest provinces, will use a higher share of locally-produced wind energy as the government tries to cut down on the amount of low carbon electricity lost through the country’s old-fashioned system of power grids. The initiative, which [read more]

Melting permafrost could blow world’s remaining carbon budget

10 December 2015

As the world struggles to thrash out a climate deal, a new report shows melting permafrost could release a fresh wave of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. As the world struggles to ink a new climate deal to save the planet from the irreversible perils of global warming, countries are rushing [read more]
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