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Over the Peak – Why Peak Oil Matters

14 October 2014

In the last few days (written 14 October 2014) the headlines have focused on the increase in oil production from OPEC producers, now at its highest level since the summer of 2013 – In its monthly oil market report, OPEC said its oil production rose by 402,000 barrels a day in September [read more]

The Oil Drum

20 February 2008

The Oil Drum ( is a very useful resource for all those interested in oil reserves, Peak Oil and energy consumption. The material on the Site is solid and the contributors appear to know what they are talking about.  This is also a solidly international effort, not another [read more]

Limits to Oil Drilling

16 February 2008

Reuters reported an interview with Jan-Peter Onstwedder, formerly BP’s most senior risk manager, in which Onstwedder said that the oil, gas and coal reserves already known contain more CO2 than mankind can safely burn. In 2007 Onstwedder worked on the “London Accord” [read more]