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Paris Agreement

Get climate money to those who need it

20 March 2017

Clare Shakya International climate finance is often accounted for in terms of megawatts of renewable energy or tonnes of carbon emission saved; everyone needs to ensure that those facing direct climate change impacts get much more of the money Thanks to recent political changes in some developed [read more]

Trump: Just what the climate doctor ordered?

6 March 2017

Dipak Gyawali Having Donald Trump in the White House may actually spur aid agencies from developed countries to work in greater cooperation with the Global South, argues Dipak Gyawali In a perverse sense, the Trump administration might be just the bitter medicine that’s needed to make global [read more]

Cut carbon emissions by a quarter more, urges UNEP

4 November 2016

by Charlotte Middlehurst Governments must take immediate action to avoid a global temperature rise of three degrees Celsius or more and emissions must peak by 2020 to limit the rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius. (All graphs from the UNEP emissions gap report) Countries must act immediately to deepen [read more]

India, world have to walk climate talk now

3 October 2016

Joydeep Gupta, The Third Pole By ratifying the Paris Agreement, India has strengthened its position to ask rich nations to take immediate action to combat climate change. It will also have to start taking stronger action itself to meet its pledges. With India submitting its instrument of [read more]
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